July 19, 2010

Fun and Trill at the Island Cove, Binakayan, Kawit, Cavite

It is at Island Cove Philippines where fun and good times takes care of nature. This 36-hectare island is only 45 minutes away from Manila. If you would come from the Ninoy Aquino International Airport you have reached Binakayan, Kawit, Province of Cavite, Philippines by passing through Aguinaldo Highway to get extraordinary actions. I say extraordinary because the  islands has one of the best family-oriented adventure resort outside Metro Manila. This Mediterranean-inspired island is ISO 9001:2000 certified and accredited by the Department of Tourism as a triple “A” resort. Among the various attractions of the park are the Oceania Water Park, the Animal Island, and the Adventure Zone. Island Cove is also perfect for celebrations, corporate functions, and team building activities and family affairs. Its free Wi-Fi is accessible in most parts of the resort or along side the pool area makes blogging seamless together with your laptop.

Oceania Water Park has the most exciting water attraction. It has a 3,000 square meter two-layered swimming pool with four giant slides. It also has a wading pool for children, called the Kiddie Cove which has slides, fountains, and showers that are really a hit to kids and parents alike.

This line of coconut trees adorned the entrance of the Oceania Water Park

The kids tried the Walk on Water (WOW) Aqua Balls where they run and roll inside giant, inflatable and transparent balls.

My son got inside WOW Ball with cousin and Uncle waiting for the action.

The adventure begun the adventure and feels it good how to walk on the water.

It is time to walk on the water.

Their excitement at the Kiddie Cove is superb.

The 3,000 square meter two-layered swimming pool with four giant slides.

There's the Fishing Village, which is a 3-hectare fishing grounds. There you can have your catch cooked exactly the way you want. You may also enjoy classic Filipino dishes and fresh fruit shakes while dining in huts on stilts over water. The huts in the background are of different sizes and can accommodate 6 to 150 persons.

This is the place which really drove the kids crazy. The attractions here include a Butterfly Farm,  a Crocodile Farm and Monkey Island, and a Petting Zoo, where we meet six-foot tall ostriches, Bengal tigers, deer, bearcats, wild boars and rabbits, and different species of snakes and iguana, mammals, and birds like the predator eagle.

Inside the Crocodile Farm we had a chance to feed twelve-foot long crocodiles and monkeys. We also took a leisurely stroll along pathways lined with colorful flowers inside the Butterfly Farm. Horse back riding and horse-drawn carriage service are also available at reasonable rates. Worth watching are the baby crocs at the entrance to the Butterfly Farm.

The crocs scrambled after a chicken meat was thrown.

How about up-close encouter with Bengal Tiger.

Going to Bacolod Chicken Inasal and mission accomplished.

Although man-made, the islands has through the years faithfully mimicked the romantic fantasies of nature. The place is perfect for sports and athletic events. It has a modern gym that is open everyday and equipped with quality equipments, which include treadmills, cardio machines, and weight lifting equipments. Qualified trainers are on duty to ensure that guests and gym members do the right workout. Health buffs may also use the Jogger’s Lane and enjoy the fresh air and beautiful surroundings of the island while sweating it out. They have basketball, tennis courts and  beach volleyball courts. Table tennis and billiards are likewise available. A playground is also at hand for children. They also have outdoor giant chess set, the play ground, and Concert Park.

But of all these things, one thing I really admired with Island Cove is its environment-friendly park. A paradise in the making has sound waste management. To  reduce in fuel emission, a zero-emission electric tram  transports guests around the islands. Here at Island Cove the adventure never stops because nature is always the best adventure.

Source: Island Cove Website


Jill Wellington said...

Nur, this was VERY fun to read! Looks like so a ball with the kids. And speaking of balls...That BIG BALL for walking on water!!!! Never seen anything like it. I want to try! That pool is amazing, too!

Looks like you and your family were having a great time...such happy smiles. You do a great job writing about these special places.

Jolly Princess said...

Wow! Great family adventure. Will take note of the place. Thanks for sharing. We might be looking for a place to go, comes Dec. We will have a family reunion for my mother. :)

Living On The Edge w/James said...

good refreshing pictures. Even traveling mentally is a relief.

Petra Opelova said...

That look like a lot of fun! I would LOVE to walk on the water!!!!!
The photos are just great. You have a very nice family :)

bloggers-boo said...

Great blog...I really enjoyed to read it!