February 13, 2011

Heart's Day at Cuidad Christia 9 Waves Resort

     My friends, it's been a long time since I got another entry in this blog... and that was a year ago since my last entry! I was telling my 12-year old son, who also loves writing, to continue my blogging since I barely had the time to do it. However, he still prefers to master his moves in PSP and daze infront of Cartoon Network and Disney's,

     Last saturday, we had a great time at Ciudad Christhia 9 Waves Resort. That was how we celebrated Valentines Day for the family.

     Why 9 waves? According to their website, the 9 waves swimming pool cast out nine different types of waves giving you that beach feeling without the mess of sand in your swimwear.

      The kids enjoyed the pool, especially the wave pool, which gives us an extraordinary experience. The place is indeed a perfect destination for summer vacation. It has affordable rates that is fit for the family budget. The place has nice greenery, clean and well-maintained facilities that the entire family will surely enjoy during their stay. Guest can choose an array of cottages, from tables to pavillion in the picnic areas.

     Also, an experience ride down down the 69-meter double loop water slide was surely one we don't want to miss at the adult pool. Deep inside the 6-foot deep adult pool we had a great time taking  pics and videos with underwater cam.

Beside the double loop is the soothing outdoor jacuzzi covered by anahaw hut.

We also had a great time at the huge stage waterfalls.

At the kiddie pool, the whale slide will surely amaze the children. 

     We had a wonderful day in the anahaw kiosk and had a "salo-salo"  ( a Filipino way of family solidarity of eating together) of "pansit-bihon" (noodle), spaghetti, adobo (a Filipino pork dish favorite), "inihaw na tilapia" and  "liempo" (grilled fish and pork).Together, a vacation to Ciudad Christhia was really a great time for all all of us.

      How to get here? Ciudad Christhia Resort is located at Carrieland Country Homes II, Ampid San Mateo Town, Rizal Province, Philippines. The historic and beautiful town of San Mateo, the home of the famous Shrine of Nuestra SeƱora de Aranzazu, is located at the western side of the Rizal Province and surrounded by Quezon City, Marikina City and the equally historic town of Montalban (made famous by the Tale of giant Bernardo Carpio and the famed Avilon Zoo). It is just an hour ride from the heart of the City of Manila so it is considered as the most accessible holiday wave pool getaway in this part of the beautiful pacific islands.

     It is indeed a great summer holiday destination perfect for family bonding. Take a visit there and experience the fun too! Help preserve and protect the beauty of nature and enjoy  its pristine beauty. Happy Hearts Day!

Ciudad Christhia 9 Waves Resort, San Mateo Town, Rizal Province, Philippine Islands