July 18, 2010

From Clean Water to Sizzling Billboards

Passing by La Mesa Watershed

When we went to Imus, Cavite, our cousin drove the Adventure. When we passed by the La Mesa Watershed it was really appalling to see how that area has been fast deforested. Equally very consternating was the nearby landfill which used to offer relief to Metro Manila's painful garbage woes. As this bleak sight of grim and stench gradually eroded the AUV left the supposed to be protected area but now desecrated by irresponsible citizens. Heading for the Commonwealth Avenue, I could not fathom in the near future how my children and descendants would savor and enjoy the gift of nature. Will they have clean water supply or and lush greenery? Perhaps a privatization of this water reservoir, where millions of people drew their daily water buckets would get the area greener and yield more water. Will it really solve the problem? Water please!

Stinky Gas Station

But wait. I could not barely notice it...we have to drop by a gas station as our rear wheel needs some blow. Upon reaching the gas station, I also alighted the vehicle and I came inside their comfort zone. But inside I could not barely take it...and I told to myself...luckily my son didn't come with me. I haven't got out from the sight of grim and stench.The toilet in that gas station stinks. And the worst thing was that their air pump has long been not functioning! This one is along the Commonwealth Avenue in Quezon City near the Ever Gotesco Shopping Mall. Perhaps the administration of this petrol station don't know about this. I assume that being among the big three, it practices some sort of a degree of sound and quality management. Good enough, we were able to reach another one near UP-Ayala Techno Hub, and finally there we got the relief.

Thinking about EDSA without sizzling billboards?

We reached EDSA in not a breeze. You know when its SUNDAY...traffic is not so terrific. Pong told me not to pester him with eye-popping billboards along EDSA. I know, he won't dare to even a glance. Angel was not his taste, perhaps Derek...perhaps. For all we know, we were sandwiched with two huge delivery trucks...Really, it's so delicate to spare the steering wheels My entire family is on board so I just remarked..."Oh, Manila...we're heading to Cavite...where there are no sizzling billboards along Aguinaldo Highway". But I like billboards, especially huge ones.

This sizzling F and H billboard along EDSA features a tanned Angel clad in a white one-piece swimsuit. It is not a surprise  that she has also been awarded as Style Star's Readers Choice for this billboard on Stylebible's Style Star weekly poll for last year's Hottest Billboard in the Philippines. I'm a huge fan of supermodel Angel so I searched this one on the web.

Still thinking about EDSA without sizzling billboards? That spells the difference between your Lolo's Highway 54 and the "jejemon" generation Epifanio de los Santos Avenue.

From Coastal Road to Bottleneck in Bacoor, Cavite

And so having reached Imus, Cavite about ten in  the morning...we were again caught in a traffic while approaching Puregold in Aguinaldo Highway. We Uncle's fabulous abode very later. He was on town for a week-long vacation from his European assignments. Thereafter, he lead us to a sumptuous special pancit meal with ice-cream and of course, hindi mawawala yun...a cake from Goldilocks. And after a brief chit-chat we boarded his hi-ace in droves as we left the AUV for the next destination...the historic Kawit, Cavite...the birthplace of the First Philippine Republic.

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Jill Wellington said...

I always enjoy reading about your travels...even the stinky ones!

Jolly Princess said...

Great photo of Angel Locsin. Thanks to the wonders of Adobe Photo Editor. Billboards are made easy. :)