July 2, 2010

Liham ni Ninoy kay Noynoy (Letters of Hero Ninoy to President Noynoy Aquino)

Good day friends, for the past days I was not able to blog. I think I was infected with a "yellow fever". But don't worry. It is not contagious. It is just a feeling of awe, joy and hope after witnessing the oath-taking of the 15th President of the Republic. As I'm searching the web, I encountered these exchanges between the father, then a prisoner, locked-up by a constitutional and authoritarian regime and a young boy who later, no one knows and nobody expected it, would become someday, the most powerful person in the Philippines.

Link: Liham ni Ninoy kay Noynoy

See how valuable a 500-peso bill today. It is more than just a souvenir but a historical document itself!


Jill Wellington said...

Wow, Nur!! That letter from father to son showed great courage...I actually started to cry! The story is amazing. Thanks for sharing it.

JollyPrincess said...

Yeah, I was a bit emotional when I learned Ninoys letter to his only son President Noynoy. The late Ninoy Aquino was so patriotic until the end. That made me proud of myself being a Filipino. President Noynoy deserved everyone’s accolade. I salute him for being a good son. I thank him for offering his commitment to the Filipinos.

Oh, I see my blog in here, too. Thanks! It looks good in here. (lol)